Monday, October 4, 2010

What do you say when people make innapropriate judging comments?

Now that I am done with school I find people asking me about the next steps. I was fortunate to have a job before graduation and I already live on my own. Now here is where the questions come in. When are you getting married? Kids? New car? etc.... Me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time, 8 years, I know it's crazy that we're not married but my parents marriage failures make it hard for me to commit to getting married. However I feel like we are married, we are homeowners, have a pet, and every responsiblility and stupid tasks as any other married couple but it's not on paper.

I always felt pressured but this summer my mother made a comment that she didn't think we should get married and basically in her opinion we aren't on the same life goal path. As if she knows anything. I don't really tell her what goes on in our relationship or about stuff we do because she is a judger and even if we are going on a great trip she'll say something like; "why would you go there or do that?" And it has made me not feel comfortable talking to her about almost everything. I had a big blowup about that and our relationship is forever changed. Of course she is in her own reality and thinks everything is fine now but it's not and I don't know if it will ever be the same. I just talk to her about daily stuff like news info, or about what they did on the weekend. I don't know if she notices but I don't talk much about what I do I just divert the conversation away from me.

Sorry for the rant it is just very frustrating and has really effected me emotionally and how much i can trust family. If anyone has had the same situation and has conflict between parents and significant others and your parents I would love some advice. Just not sure how to get over this and make her realize what she says and does really hurts me. Ohh well, such is life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Counting down the days to Graduation

So my cap and gown is purchased and hanging up, the grad party is in the process of planning, and I am finishing up group projects essays and upcoming final exams. It is so crazy all this stuff going on. I also just put down a deposit for my own puppy! Nate and I will be going to get him in July. I can't wait. :) The month of April is full of birthdays, celebrations, and projects so I know it'll go fast. I also need to start figuring out my work situation once I graduate. While working less and relaxing more sounds great the whole money aspect makes me conflicted. IDK, lots of stuff on my mind. Hopefully I can get through these next 6 weeks and start the next chapter of my life out of college finally!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

getting cozy @TheBlogFrog

So its been about a month and I am starting to into the BlogFrog rhythm and getting past the shock of how HUGE this is getting! I really am starting to feel the vibe of these communities and the clear bonds and sisterhood between these amazing women. I also love that you can pretty much find any information or deals through BlogFrog. As I am learning the ropes and getting deeper into social media and the social landscape I hope anyone out there in the same position comment or contact me because any guidance would definitely help!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello World!

This is officially my first blog so bear with me please! I am a native to Boulder, CO and love living here! One of my favorite things is the beautiful sunsets along the Flatirons! I go to CU, and am graduating this Spring with a Bachelors in Marketing from the Leeds School of Business. But even now as I have a lot of homework I still need to do tonight and a Midterm this week I can’t stop thinking about whats going to happen when I graduate. I have gone to school forever and now it’s all changing! Luckily, Boulder has so many great opportunities for young ambitious people I hope to take advantage From my jobs so far I have really seen that while CU is a great learning institution they can’t really teach/show you how it really is. Everything I thought I would be doing in my various marketing internships really was not what I did. People are more concerned with budget cuts and making quotas and a lot of the procedural stuff you learn kinda goes out the window. No one does a full Integrated Marketing Communication Plan that I spent 2 months working on for my advertising class! Any way, I feel so lucky to have had these opportunities but I really am beginning to see that social enterprise and focusing on a social mission is the path I want to take. I have been able to work with a few non-profits and social enterprises (Friendship Bridge and ToughStuff) that are making such an impact that I feel like meeting quotas and increasing profits are not really that important. While these organizations still have a focus on profit and shareholder value their main mission is to better the lives of those on this Earth that don’t have the luxuries as us! And I think that this focus, if accepted by all businesses, could greatly impact the standards of living to many bottom of the pyramid or developing countries! I hope to spread awareness of the great organizations that are addressing these global problems and finding sustainable solutions to maybe inspire others to take part and make an impact, however small, in the lives of others.