Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Counting down the days to Graduation

So my cap and gown is purchased and hanging up, the grad party is in the process of planning, and I am finishing up group projects essays and upcoming final exams. It is so crazy all this stuff going on. I also just put down a deposit for my own puppy! Nate and I will be going to get him in July. I can't wait. :) The month of April is full of birthdays, celebrations, and projects so I know it'll go fast. I also need to start figuring out my work situation once I graduate. While working less and relaxing more sounds great the whole money aspect makes me conflicted. IDK, lots of stuff on my mind. Hopefully I can get through these next 6 weeks and start the next chapter of my life out of college finally!!


  1. Congratulations on graduating and the new puppy! I'm doing the same in just 4 weeks :/

  2. Congrats on graduating! Thanks for becoming my blogfrog friend!

  3. thanks for stopping by and commenting me. Im glad you like my garden pics and spoon. Congrats on graduation and the doggy in the next post is adorable too..

  4. It's getting close.Can't wait to see you walk up there.
    Just a note about Blogfrog- As I am finding my way around it it is becoming more and more addictive. I am not so sure you have done me a good turn or not. Obviously you are doing your job on the marketing front! Love ya

  5. you sound crazy busy!! Congratulations on your graduation! Congrats on the puppy, we've had our puppy almost a year now, and I am sooo very glad we have her!

  6. It's almost here!!!! I am very excited for all of you! Can't wait to see you. Hope tomorrow goes well.

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    Best wishes.

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